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Roof Edge Protection - What is it?


“Edge protection should be used as a means of isolating workers from a fall where the hazard of working at height cannot be eliminated. This   includes single-storey buildings and structures, even if less than 3m.”


This is the definition from WorkSafe NZs’ website.


It is important to remember that

“not all” Roof Edge Protection

(REP) provided around the

greater Auckland area meet the

Best Practice Guidelines for

Scaffolding in New Zealand and

therefore can create issues and

delays with your project!


Bob Duncan Scaffolding Limited only provide REP that meets these requirements and also ensure, that if required, can be removed early so as not to impede your building or renovating progress!


Ensure your Scaffolders know the requirements before you engage them!


Are you aware that each stand-alone scaffold on your site must have a Scaffold Safe Tag attached and prominently displayed next to the ladder access on each of your scaffolds?


Unless the scaffolds are “tied” together they constitute individual builds and therefore require individual compliance certification.


Bob Duncan Scaffolding Limited

ensure that not only is this

completed for each build but also

complies with the Best Practice

Guidelines for Scaffolding in

New Zealand by re-inspecting

your scaffolds every 7 days as



It is the legal responsibility of the scaffolding company to re-inspect their scaffolds within 7 days after Handover whilst in use and these details must be recorded on the reverse side of the above Tag. Failure to do so could result in your scaffold being declared “unsafe” and delay your work until re-inspected.


Ensure your scaffold provider is filling this tag out correctly and maintaining it, after all, that is what you are paying for!


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