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Bob Duncan Scaffolding Limited ensure that a Scaffold Safe Tag is attached and prominently displayed and that each project complies with the Best Practice Guidelines for Scaffolding in  NZ....  More ...

Since 1963 Bob Duncan Scaffolding Limited have specialised in supplying and erecting scaffolding for residential, light commercial and industrial projects all over the Greater Auckland area.


We use Tube and Clip scaffolding with wooden planks as this is the most versatile type and can be configured to almost any size, shape and load rating.


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-  General scaffolds for painting, building, renovations and alterations.


-  Roof Edge Protection


-  Suspended scaffolds


-  Bird Caging


- Cantilevered scaffolds


-  Shrink-wrap skeletal scaffold


-  Medium, heavy duty and special scaffolds


-  Bridging and tower builds


-  Scaffolding project management


-  Temporary Fencing


-  Commercial and Industrial scaffolds


-   Shrinkwrap shells



Steel Tube and Clip Scaffolding



We deliver, help install, erect and dismantle at the end of your project and at reasonable rates. Our impeccable safety record, fast service, competitive pricing... More ...


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